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Upgrading Your Home PC
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With the Right Resource, Upgrading's Easier than You ThinkEver feel like PC technologies evolve so quickly that your ownmachine is out of date just months after you get it? Now you cankeep up without taking it to a professional, without getting introuble, and without buying a new one.Upgrading Your Home PC uses detailed photographs andclear, step-by-step instructions to show you how to accomplish themost common, most satisfying upgrade tasks yourself. You'll beamazed by how easy it is!Coverage includes:* Adding memory* Adding a hard drive* Adding a Zip or Jaz drive* Adding a recordable CD drive* Setting up a broadband Internet connection* Installing an inkjet or laser printer* Upgrading a display card* Connecting a flat-panel LCD monitor* Installing a network card* Setting up a wired or wireless network* Upgrading a power supply* Upgrading your PC's sound system* Using a digital camera with your PC* Installing joysticks and other input devices* Capturing video* Upgrading your BIOS* Upgrading or adding a CPU* Setting up USB, SCSI, or FireWire buses

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